Cottage Style

The Cottage style of architecture is a unique style based on houses from the Cotswold region of southwestern England, and is sometimes called the storybook style. Homes are also sometimes referred to as Tudor cottages. The small, fanciful, and quaint Tudor Cottage is a popular subtype of the Tudor Revival house style. American architects, fascinated and inspired by medieval styles, began to create modern versions of the rustic homes. Compared with large Tudor-style country residences, modern English cottages were much smaller and more streamlined. The Tudor Cottage style became especially popular in the United States during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The Features of Cottage Style Architecture:

  • Architecture Features: medium to steeply pitched roofs made with pseudo-thatch (slate or cedar, rolled at the edge to simulate straw thatch), complex roof line, steep arch gables, arched doorways, over-scaled chimneys with decorative brick or stone work and chimney pots
  • Exterior Features: gabled enclosed entry with catslide roof (straight on one side and artistically curved on the other), low and half-round or arched doors with decorative hardware and exterior lighting, decorative half-timbering
  • Window Features: arrangements of tall, narrow multi-light windows in bands, often with casements, and leaded and/or diamond panes.
  • 1 -2 stories
  • Walls are usually sided in brick (clinker brick may be used), stone, or stucco – siding includes stucco, shingle, and lapped
  • Asymmetrical profile

The Features of Cottage Style Interior Design:

  • Cozy, warm, quaint, storybook character
  • Small, irregularly-shaped rooms
  • Sloping walls in rooms on upper floor
  • Embraces natural elements
  • Simplistic and bare-boned style
  • Distressed and weathered furnishings that embrace little imperfections and discolorations
  • Repurposed Objects – liberal use of salvaged materials
  • Use found objects to create focal points
  • Neutral color palette – oyster shell, taupe, gray, white, beige
  • Well-worn furniture – layer and mix patterns
  • Wood or painted wood floors
  • Comfortable, easy, and livable