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BainUltra ThermoMasseur

The BainUltra ThermoMasseur baths with our Geysair™ Technology deliver a warm, air-jet massage that prepares the body for deeper relaxation. When water, warmth, and air are combined, they create hydro-thermo massage—an energizing massage for the body. The numerous forceful and well-placed air jets produce vigorously bubbling water that delivers a brisk massage. This “accupressure effect” generates a feel-good physiological chain reaction from head to toe, reducing stress, relaxing muscles, and eliminating toxins.

About Geysair Technology: Our new Geysair warm air jet system envelops the bather in a feeling of warmth and well-being. Much like hot water spouting from a geyser, the streams of air produced by our unique Geysair technology help maintain a consistently warm water temperature. You’ll relax more and benefit from a prolonged massage, making your treatment more effective. A longer, more comfortable bath delivers increased therapeutic benefits.