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DXV St. George - Console Sink

DXV St. George - Console Sink


Stately, sculptural and well proportioned design.

  • Fine fire cay construction
  • Metal stand with functional side towel bars
  • Recessed rear sink overflow

Nominal Dimensions:

  • 23-13/16" x 19-7/8" x 34-3/4" (505 x 605 x 883mm)

Born of Quality and Craftsmanship. The Classic Movement pushed beyond the boundaries of historicism and neoclassic designs and put an end to the staunch, monolithic and precise geometry that dominated art and architecture. The result was a fresher, fanciful and natural aesthetic, designed to help relieve the stress and disorder that accompanied the growth of the urban industrial landscape. During this time fine art, decorative art, and architecture merged. No item was deemed too utilitarian to be adorned with flowing lines, organic detail, and intricate pattern.


  • D20150008.071 - Lavatory (3 hole) - Biscuit
  • D20150008.415 - Lavatory (3 hole) - Canvas White
  • D19000024.002 - Console (24") - Polished Chrome
  • D19000024.008 - Console (24") - Polished Nickel


  • D19000708.002.071 - Biscuit / Polished Chrome
  • D19000708.002.415 - Canvas White / Polished Chrome
  • D19000708.008.071 - Biscuit / Polished Nickel
  • D19000708.008.415 - Canvas White / Polished Nickel

Specification Sheets Available at Showroom

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